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HawkArt has been designing websites since 1997 and has kept up with the technology of the internet since. HawkArt is HTML5 certified by Google and uses CSS3 and Javascript to enhance the web site's user experience. In today's internet environment you need a website that adjusts to the user's web browser, whether it is on a desktop computer, tablet, mobile phone or watch. User interface and user experience (UI/UX) need to be top-notch to keep your users engaged with your web site. A few examples of recent web sites:

The Process of Website Design


HawkArt Office

When beginning the process of designing and coding your web site, we first meet with you to find out what your business needs are and what you want to accomplish with your web site. Once we determine the factors that are important to you, we can set up the proper hosting solution and search engine strategy that will maximize your business' presence on the web. We will decide if you need standard hosting or if you need hosting with a full marketing platform . Then the design process begins with a wireframe of your website. A wireframe is like a blueprint of how your UI will be structured in each size device (desktop, tablet, mobile, etc.).


HawkArt Office

After you have approved the wireframe, we proceed with the comps. Comps are a visual image of how your site will actually look in the real world. They will contain the actual images you will have in your site banner. We comp each page that has a unique layout. We ask at this point for you to provide any images you'd like to have on your site. Otherwise we will use stock photography.


HawkArt Office

When you have approved your comps, then the real work begins. We code each page with HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript to enhance the user experience (UX) in a dev environment and give you links to the pages so you can monitor the progress with the site. In this stage of development, we ask for text content for each page of your site. We will test the text to make sure we have the proper ratio of text to code so the search engines will recognize each page. Lack of text content can signal search engines that your site is not important enough to index, so it's important to have sufficient text content.


Launch website

After the site is fully coded, it is time to launch. There are many things to do to prepare for launch, both on our end and the client's end. I won't bore you with the details of structured data, alt text, meta data, testing or the other technical terms we as developers need to do. But as a website owner you will need to prepare for the birth of your new website with an announcement in various forms such as email marketing and social media. A good article for site owners regarding the best practices for your new website launch can be found here .