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At HawkArt, we know there is no one-size-fits-all answer for solving your company's advertising vision. Your business is unique as are your promotional requirements, so an outside-the-box approach to your particular goals is important for your success. We take a stragetic and client specific pathway, tailoring it to your needs and situation. We help clients all over the US, as well as in our local community, build a web presence that extends beyond your website into other essential arenas of digital marketing.

A digital marketing campaign includes:

Get your message out with email marketing creatives

HawkArt has been helping companies with email marketing creatives since 2006. Email marketing offers a strong digital marketing boost that can reach a large number of existing and potential customers. It will definitely grow your presence if you have an appealing and attractive message. Your committment to on-going email marketing will drive traffic to your web site and give your presence momentum. HawkArt tailors email marketing creatives to your business's target audience.

There are many email marketing services that you can sign up for to deliver your email marketing to your list. However, we have a plan available that will allow you to grow your contact list and monitor your email markeing performance. Find out more here

Email Creative for Swimsuitsforall
Email creative for Exceed Network
Email creative for WomanWithin

Build brand recognition with banner ad creatives

Banner ads are a powerful tool for building brand recognition. According to the book Integrated Marketing Communications by William Chitty, "They are effective in progressing a potential customer from unawareness of your product or service to 'top-of-mind' awareness in which your brand is the first that comes to the buyer's mind."

HawkArt has helped many companies with their banner ad creatives. We produce static, animated and dynamic banners ads in all ad sizes. We are Google DoubleClick Studio certified agency. We also create AdWords and FaceBook banners. Below are banner ads we've created for a few of our clients.

Build customer relationships with social media

Build and monitor relationships with your customers while increasing traffic to your site by using social media, one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. Social media reaches millions of customers around the world. The most stress-free of digital marketing platforms, it can be used to increase your business's visibility by spending only a few hours a week. Because it is the most cost-effective digital marketing, for little money and time you can significantly increase your return on your investment.

HawkArt produces social media creatives for many companies. We create ads according to the FaceBook, Instagram and Pinterest specifications for sizing and placement of text. We also create mp4 videos for social media.

Protect your online reputation

Are you serious about your company's online reputation?...You need to be! A bad online review of your business or service can do a great deal of damage to your bottom line and many times you don't have control over how customers (or even non-customers) rate you... until now! We recommend Reputation 5 to help you take control of and monitor your online reputation. You can find out more about Reputation 5 here .