Hawk Art Services

Hawk Art, LLC has a wide array of services tailored for small businesses.  We can carry you through the process of branding your business, obtaining and maintaining a web presence and advertising your business in both digital and print medium.  Find more detailed information about our services below.

NEW! HTML5 Banner Ads

Grabbing your customers' attention with banner ads for AdWords, DoubleClick or any other banner aggregator is getting harder every day. Static banners are less expensive, yes, but will they give you the same return on your investment as an animated HTML5 banner ad? Probably not!

Click here to TAKE A TOUR of animated HTML5 banner ads that HawkArt has created for our clients.

Responsive Web Sites

Is your web site losing customers because it looks bad on mobile devices?  Did you know Google will not parse your site so you can be found unless your site is responsive? In today's internet environment you need a web site that adjusts to the user's web browser, whether it is on a computer, tablet, smart phone or a watch. AND... that gets placement on Google. Let Hawk Art create an new web site that intuitively knows if you are looking at it from your computer or your smart phone.

Email Marketing Creatives

Email Marketing is one of the most effective methods for customer acquisition according to a joint study by Shop.org and Forrester Research. This low-cost form of marketing promises a high ROI by reaching more of your customers more often.  Plus, in spite of advances in social media and mobiles apps, email remains the dominant force in driving online sales and reaching your market.  Hawk Art can focus your marketing emails on what your customer is looking for.

Branding & Corporate Identity

Your "Brand" visually conveys your company's promise, personality, look, voice, service, attributes and memorability. It should make a lasting and positive and memorable impression on potential customers. Fonts, colors, images, your logo all work together to promote your Brand. Those elements should carry across all of your printed and web materials. Hawk Art will work closely with you to create the best styles and look for your business.


Do you need a logo for your business or product? A logo is an essential beginning to your Brand and should set the tone of what you are trying to accomplish. It should be distinct and recognizable. Hawk Art takes great care in the creation of your unique logo.

Animation for the Web

A well executed, classy animated banner ad draws positive attention and gets more click-throughs to your site. An HTML 5 animation on your web site makes it more interesting so it stands out from your competitor's web site. Hawk Art creates animations as animated gifs, flash animations, png sprites and javascript rotating banners, each of which has its own allure and function.

Social Media Management

Social Media is a big deal for marketing your business today. It increases Brand recognition and Brand loyalty. Building a following on Social Media will help you to convert new customers and keep your existing customers engaged. It also is an inexpensive way to market your site and to increase your search engine rankings. Well placed banner ads can also lead more traffic to your site. Hawk Art can brand your Social Media pages for you and help you keep connected to your audience and build a banner ad campaign for your product or business.

Large Format Ad Design

Materials for trade shows, signage and vehicle wraps are a good way to promote your Brand. Hawk Art can design Posters and Banners for your trade show engagements. We can create posters, table tents and brochures for POP/POS displays in your retail outlets. Do you have large format design needs? Come to Hawk Art, we have the solution.

Photoshop Services

Hawk Art has a wide array of Photoshop services. If you need photo retouching, product packaging mock-up or product background knock-outs for Amazon, we can meet your needs in a timely and affordable basis. We meet the Amazon specifications for product images by removing the background and optimizing to Amazon's aspect ratio specs so your products don't get rejected from their site.